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As a curious, purpose-driven, and ambitious professional, I channel an expansive, hands-on understanding of creative project development learnt through experimentations across numerous areas of academic studies and success.

My proudest achievements



Davinci Resolve | Avid Media Composer | Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat | Time Management | Project Management | Online Marketing | Customer Service | Nexis | Frame.io | File Management | Organisation skills | Teamwork | Audio Mixing | Colour Correction & Colour Grading | Videography | Photography | Conflict Resolution | Leadership Communications | Unconscious Bias | Livestreaming  | Priority Management | Google Workspace | Microsoft Office Suite | Video Editing | English, Polish - fluent 

Certified and curious

As a young and ambitious professional, I take pride in expanding my knowledge and skills in film editing, project management, and mindful project leadership. 

Avid Media Composer 101

This learning course complimented my Film Editing module at university by gaining an alternate perspective on Media Composer Training 101: It has served as an invaluable supplement to my learning, helping me develop a well-rounded understanding of Avid. Maxim Jago, an Avid Certified Instructor with 20 years of experience, guided me through each stage of the editing workflow, from creating a new project and importing media to adding audio and effects, creating titles, managing media, exporting a video sequence, and much more.

Davinci Resolve: Color Page

Through this course, I was able to develop my understanding of Davinci Resolve's powerful color management tools, including primary corrections, secondary corrections, and shot-matching techniques. These skills have helped me manipulate color, establish a solid base correction, and enhance viewer engagement through the use of primary and secondary color operations.

Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training

I completed an engaging and comprehensive training module on Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, which was taught by instructor and filmmaker Ashley Kennedy. Through this course, I gained essential skills and techniques for editing video and audio, correcting color, adding titles and effects, and much more. The project-based approach allowed me to experience both the technical and creative sides of the editing process, and I was able to build a short promo video from start to finish. By the end of the course, I had a realistic perspective on the entire post-production workflow, from importing assets to sharing and exporting the final product.

Mental health awareness at work

I learned how working in the screen industries can affect my mental health and how to overcome industry-specific challenges that may prevent me from taking care of myself. Through the training module, I now know how to recognize the signs of worsening mental health and when to seek support. I also gained knowledge on how to support colleagues in my working environment who may be struggling with their mental health. Moreover, I became aware of the resources and services that are available to support myself and others. This training module was incredibly valuable and has equipped me with essential skills to take care of my mental health in the screen industries.

Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing

Through this course, I gained a comprehensive understanding of vital concepts such as the rule of three and acquired the necessary skills to analyse a script, review raw footage, and shape it into a compelling work of art that tells a story.

This course has equipped me with the ability to control what the audience sees, identify the logline, and perform script and scene analysis. I have also gained valuable insights into developing an editing plan, cutting from on-camera to off-camera action, and the importance of recutting. Furthermore, the course has taught me how to incorporate music and sound to enhance the emotional backdrop of my piece.

In addition, I have learned how to work within a specific genre and blend various editing styles. This course has provided me with a strong foundation in the history of video editing, and I am confident that I can apply these skills to any project I may undertake in the future.

Talking About Mental Health as a Leader

In this training module, I learned the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace as a leader. I gained insights on how to have constructive conversations with team members about their mental health, including language, triaging considerations, boundaries, and conversational approaches. The training highlighted the missed opportunities that can occur when leaders avoid these conversations, and emphasized the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for employees.

Unconscious Bias

I completed a training course on the unconscious bias with diversity expert Stacey Gordon. Through compelling examples and practical strategies, I learned how my own experiences and dimensions of diversity can shape my perspective and lead to unconscious biases in decision-making and interactions with colleagues. I gained a deeper understanding of common forms of bias such as affinity, halo, perception, confirmation, and groupthink, and learned three effective strategies for addressing them. This training has equipped me with valuable skills and insights to work more effectively in today's diverse organizations and make more objective and inclusive decisions.

Conflict Resolution Foundations

I've completed an insightful course on conflict resolution by Lisa Gates, a renowned leadership coach. As a filmmaker, I recognize the need to better my conflict resolution skills, as creative differences often arise in the industry. 

This course has provided me with practical techniques and a framework called The Resolution Roadmap. — One concept that truly fascinated me was the 'Fact from Fiction' exercise, which helped me distinguish between the stories we tell ourselves and the actual facts, leading to a better understanding of conflict dynamics. 

By investing in this course, I feel confident in promoting open communication, understanding diverse perspectives, and finding common ground — ultimately, contributing to stronger team dynamics and improved productivity. 

Optimizing video content for social media

I completed a course on creating impactful social media videos. I learned how to capture and edit videos for maximum impact, resize, compress videos for different platforms, and determine the most effective way to share content. This course equipped me with the skills and knowledge to create compelling videos engaging social media audiences. 

Live Video Streaming: Essential Skills

With a specific interest in producing live broadcasts for the most popular sports event at the University of Salford, I sought to learn more about the latest advancements and best practices in this field. This course covered a range of topics, from determining the value of live streaming to implementing effective on-demand content strategies, while also delving into the technical aspects of production equipment, hardware, and software. As a result, I have gained a deeper understanding of the various streaming options available and can now make informed decisions that optimize my video production, IT, and CDN resources for any project.