Bricked Up (2024, in production)

Join us in bringing this gritty crime-comedy to the screen by becoming a crucial part of our crowdfunding campaign.

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Beyond The Reel (Series 1) (in production)

An upcoming talk show produced by Xavier Soński — hosted by riveting Max James Walker — interviewing the incredible lecturers from University of Salford film production course.

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Liquid Architecture (2023)

Liquid Architecture (Film Poster — design by Xavier Soński)

In my experimental film, the abstraction and blend of skin, light, and architecture were used for their visual potential and connection to the human experience, while highlighting the limitations of technology and its ability to replicate the natural world, by using slow motion and AI-generated frames. 

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Cheap Lousy F*ggot (2022)

A short film about a gay couple around Christmas time as they deal with the ramifications of a hate crime, directed by Sam Liddell. Editing, colour and sound by Xavier Soński.

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Salford Vs. Liverpool (2022)

The thrill of British university basketball multicamera production that captures every angle of the action, produced and edited by Maciej Sonski. Watch the players compete, the cheerleaders dance, and the interviews unfold.

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Little Pockets of Joy (in production)

Little Pockets of Joy (Festival Screening Poster — design by Maciej Soński)
Little Pockets of Joy (Film Festival Poster — design by M. Xavier Soński)

An indie short film that tells a heartwarming story of overcoming isolation and finding happiness in life's little moments, directed by Liz Morrill, produced by Jack Young, edited by Xavier Soński. 

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'With You In Our Town' (2024) short film by Harry Jenkins;  UK One Sheet film poster design by Xavier Soński




The Starlet (in production)

The Starlet (Instagram Poster  — design by Xavier Soński)

A captivating star finds themselves ensnared in the merciless claws of an insatiable management team. Forced to dance on the razor's edge of their physical and mental limits, they are pushed relentlessly towards the precipice of exhaustion.