Meet the incredible team behind the scenes of our upcoming 'Beyond The Reel' talk show, series one.


Beyond The Reel

Talk Show - Filmmaking - Industry Insights

'Beyond The Reel' talk show aims to delve deep into the world of filmmaking, offering insightful discussions and industry perspectives. 

Our talk show is more than just a platform for interviews; it's a celebration of the art and craft of filmmaking. Our first series, currently in post-production, features captivating conversations with the incredible lecturers from the film production course at the University of Salford. These interviews offer a unique insight into the industry, providing invaluable knowledge for aspiring filmmakers.

We're thrilled to have our project supported by the BA (Hons) Film Production staff at the University of Salford. Together, we're set to deliver engaging end-of-year experiences for graduating filmmakers! Including our second series of 'Beyond The Reel', which interviews directors and crew about their final student films, featuring a live studio audience. This is an exceptional opportunity for filmmakers to enter the industry with valuable content to share on their professional platforms. Additionally, we hope it will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all.

Both series of 'Beyond The Reel' are planned for submission to The National Student Television Association awards via university's platforms, Quays TV or Shock Network, in September 2024.



Production Details

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