Bricked Up (2024)

A kilo of chaos.

When a hungover Milo discovers a kilogram of cocaine in his recycling bin, his life takes a dangerous turn. Realising the gravity of his situation, Milo launches into a frantic mission to return the illicit substance to its rightful owner: the formidable kingpin, Big Addy, who has issued a deadly ultimatum to his own dealer, Riz, if the brick isn't recovered. Just when they thought their marathon stakeout couldn't get any longer, a duo of stubbornly unavailing police officers find themselves thrust into the midst of escalating turmoil — could this be a breakthrough in their pursuit of Big Addy? With friends partying recklessly and cronies closing in, Milo's once quiet life spirals into chaos. In this gritty action-comedy short film inspired by British noughties indie cinema, survival depends on quick thinking, sheer luck, and whether these bumbling cops can finally muster the nerve to outwit Big Addy and bring him to justice.





Bricked Up (Film Poster — design by Xavier Soński)


Memorisica presents 'Bricked Up' written and directed by Max James Walker.





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