Mission: Clean-up (Mihailescu, 2022)

A light-hearted journey of a clumsy spy who just wants to prove himself.


Our first-year student film wasn't without obstacles. 

We set to produce a light-hearted comedy short film about a clumsy spy who wants to prove himself competent by uncovering the boss of the biggest dealing group in the city. 

The deadline was approaching... 

But, it wasn't long till our preproduction rendered least instructional as our shooting location turned unavailable — very late notice. We didn't account for last-minute changes, and our time was shrinking.

We recovered some of our work by adapting our script to fit an alternative location: The boss was no longer a part of the biggest dealing group in the city but the university instead. 

We shot in our student accommodation, which makes our storyboard least salvageable. Though, with the knowledge of our new backdrop, we felt that subtle glimmer of optimism passing through the team again.

We became adaptable, resourceful, and ever-more collaborative, ensuring the best outcome for our film and ideas.

This obstacle made the experience uniquely challenging and, consequently, perhaps most rewarding in the end.

Directed by Diana Mihailescu, and produced by Jeanette McNichol.

Released privately in 2022.

My role: Editor, Unit Photographer



Maciej Sonski as film editor

Diana Mihailescu as writer and director

Jeanette McNichol as producer

Dominic Maloney as cinematographer



Emanuel Uduma as Ayo

Nichola Botha as student

Joshua Harrison-North as Alex



Salford Quays

Peel Park Accommodation at Salford University


Canon C100 Mk II


Samyang VDSLR






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Mission: Clean-up (2022)

An action-comedy short film about a clumsy spy, produced by Jeanette McNichol, and edited by Maciej Soński.

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